“My date and I had a great time playing Ready Set Date. We scored more hearts than ghosts so it’s safe to say there was a vibe there. We got to know each other and shared some laughs doing so. One question we discussed was, what is a deal-breaker when dating someone? I would have to say no sense of humor is definitely a turn off when dating. The game dives right in to the juicy stuff. 10/10 would

Ebun, Atlanta

“The scoring brings attention to a heart or a ghost. I think it is something important. If I could think about further down the line and outside the box, if we get the same answers we have to take shots.
I buy games, and I’d pay premium price for this one.”

Corey, New Orleans

 “Once you get married or start dating, it’s healthy to continue to ask those questions that you’ve stopped having conversations about. I’d really be excited to do a couple’s version of it. I would totally do this as a couple.”

Cat, New Orleans

“I enjoyed playing ready set date. There was a good mix of fun and serious questions which made it easy to communicate with my virtual date.”

Kelli, Dallas

“I would like to start off by saying, I really enjoyed the "Ready Set
Date" game. It was fun to interact and the two people just talk. I enjoyed the interaction and we had one helluva conversation, both intellectual and fun. This game sheds the monotony of trying to establish communication with someone
you may or may not know. A dating deal breaker or non starter for me would be miscommunication and just a nasty attitude. I mean we're all human and at this day and age perception is reality. With this game you and the other person can see
if you all are compatible and if so, take the conversation to another level. I must say I have no problem on using this game again. I had fun!”

Alex S., Cuba

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